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Al Eureka is an education knowledge center that believes in the strength of the people, their power, their knowledge.

With a background from the Netherlands and Libya, we have been able to develop knowledge and skills from multiple perspectives.

We believe in diversity as every quality has added value, just as a pitfall has added value to gain a better insight into your own challenges and developments

We know and understand the desire or and need of development.

We connect both by listening to the people, the organisation and support them in their development

For you as an individual or organisation. As employer or employee

Sometimes your question is clear and in another moment it's just a feeling

When you are interested in development, change, believe in people, making your strength bigger, please contact us.

Also when you are dealing with problems. Problems by yourself or inside your organization

Beside analysing, making together with you a program (tailor made), many materials related to (intercultural) communication, human resource (management), empowering, leadership and more is ready and is available for you

Via you are mostly welcome for asking help or information

Kind regard
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